Tackling A Beast


I really hate laundry.  It creeps up on me every week.  I try to run away, but I can only stay away for so long.  I would love to hear your hacks, tips and tricks.

One thought on “Tackling A Beast

  1. I don’t know if this counts, but you know how your husband walks in the door after a long daunting day only to disappear for 45 minutes upstairs to go the bathroom. Something we can do in under 45 seconds while a toddler pulls at your legs and a 4 1/2 year old argues with you about the fact the Statue of Liberty is in fact located right here in Kansas City because “she SAW it!” I digress. Anyways, on Sundays, while Hubs is downstairs with kiddos, I say “honey I am going to go upstairs and do some laundry” which includes locking the child gate behold me and slowly pouring over 6 loads of laundry while I watch back to back episodes of orange is the new black. Good luck ladies!


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