Mama’s Out of Town. What’s for Dinner???!!!

18156121_10211546131705543_5812658207797941587_oI’m taking a work trip to Chicago for a whole week by myself for the first time since I had my first child.  I’m a pretty disorganized cook.  Meaning, I don’t meal plan much and I am always hoping I have ingredients I need to make something to eat for dinner.  While I’m away, my family could eat out every day or use a microwave and warm up frozen dinners, but we try to eat healthy.

When I do plan for things, this is what happens….I make meal plans that resemble sub plans(I’m an art teacher)…

I did my best to create a system that fits our dietary needs that my husband could eaily use to feed the family and that they would actually eat.   It’s pretty basic. Our meals usually consist of a meat and a veggie.  Simple enough for my husband to cook.

First, I took a picture of each shelf and drawer in the fridge and freezer and then the different cabinets with our dry goods.  I used a word doc and put the photos in order from the top shelves/drawers to the bottom.  I usually put away the groceries, so I’m hoping this makes it easier for my husband to find all the ingredients.




After taking pictures of all of the food, I made a spread sheet with the location of each item and some dinner ideas that I know my husband can cook.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 9.17.44 PM

Hoping it works!



Why I got a Lifecoach

17855447_10211917281024905_299584997379012673_oHaving a life coach is probably one of the greatest investments I’ve made recently.  My main reason was to get my priorities and identity straight.  My identity consists of spending time with Jesus, being an artist, art educator, wife, mom, nanny to my niece twice a week, being responsible for the health and life of  human beings, the family budgeter, cooking, cleaning, staying fit, eating healthy, and looking somewhat put together while juggling all of these things.   I’ve got A LOT going on and time management, prioritizing and organization are not my areas of strength (I’m an artist).  I also feel like I’m fighting an internal battle at times with who I am and who I want to be.  It’s freakin hard to be all of these things at times.

If this sounds like you and you are dealing with an internal battle and feeling like the struggle is super real, a life coach might be what you are needing to get some peace of mind and some grounding in your life.  My life coach is Sarah Siders.  Her goal is to help you prioritize, get your life organized, work on your identity, take risks, live out your dreams, and come alive.  If you aren’t sure you want to commit to a life coach, she is giving free consultations right now.  Check her out!!

I’ve been working with her for the past three months and in that time, I have pinpointed my ideal clients, got a legit website up for Jazzmin Earl Photography, figured out my photography style, figured out what my priorities are and how to keep life flowing in a somewhat nice cadence.  I’m not struggling as bad and am actually feeling accomplished and confident in many different areas of my identity.

My Blended Family


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Three years ago today, my family was featured in the Huffington Post.  Please read!   I love my family,  we all come from different aspects of life, but our goal is to show our kids that life is about loving unconditionally.  My bonus son is awesome and I’m glad he has ALL of us. Some fun things to know about us is that all four of his parents graduated from KU.  My bonus son’s mom is a librarian and community leader.  His bonus dad is a scientist at a hospital and a pretty good artist when he has the time.  His dad is also a community leader working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. And then there’s myself, an artist and educator.  A lot of resources up in here.  I love watching our kids growing up together as brothers and sisters.

Painting THE Music

There are artists that paint to music, but I can actually paint THE music. I’ve been seeing colors and images of music since I was young. I just figured everyone else could too.  How did I figure out that this was not the case?  A few months ago I stumbled on a video,  Masterclass Pharrell Williams Maggie Rogers.  At 7:16 Pharrell and Maggie talk about seeing music.  They call this synesthesia.  Holy crap there are people like me that SEE music?!

This year I will blog and paint what I see in music.  While also chillin with my little peeps.  Send me your favorite instrumental piece or your favorite hip hop beat.  I’ll try to paint it.

Back in 2003, in my painting studio in undergrad, I painted the following piece but was shut down because I was told that anyone could paint to music.  But today I realize not everyone paints or sees music.  So I’m starting over.  I’m going to try again.  I plan to create a weekly piece.  I’m hoping the more I do, the more detailed I can become.  It will be a good learning experience.

Music by Jazzy Chun Earl. 2003. Oil on Canvas. 4×4 ft.

My most recent piece was inspired by “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers (the song you hopefully were able to hear from the shared link above).  The song inundates with layers, movement, color…images. Here is a glimpse of what I saw.  Songs don’t last forever so what I am learning is you paint small with materials that can create quickly  as you live and see in that very moment, or you replay the song continuously until you have finished your piece.  Similar to mastering a song.

Maggie Rogers’ Alaska: Painted by Jazzy Chun Earl.  12/31/16. watercolor. 4×6 in.






Gwenneth: light, pure, blessed, holy


Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!  Gwen came at a time when we were at a low. She was our comfort, our blessing, and the purest of all joy. She brought us back to life this day, a year ago.   She has been making us smile again, love more, activate our gifts, passions, and goals, and live life to the fullest each day.

Nothing Fancy, But So Fantastic!

I use this stuff in place of butter for my eggs and toast, mixed into some steamed rice, in smoothies and coffee, as carrier oil for essential oils, on the bums of my babes to prevent and heal rashes, for cracked lips, for cracked nips (breastfeeding nightmare!), as a moisturizer, as a massage oil, and to stop the door hinges from squeeking( I would have never thought).

So far I have tried all of these things and they all seem to have worked or at least helped.  If you want to learn more ways to use this amazing stuff check out this link from  Also I would love to hear how coconut oil is used in you day to day. 


DISCLAIMER: I’m not a Dr., just a frugal mom trying to find ways to use natural products around the home. Use at your own will.



Tackling A Beast


I really hate laundry.  It creeps up on me every week.  I try to run away, but I can only stay away for so long.  I would love to hear your hacks, tips and tricks.

My Transformation, My Goals


9 years ago today, I picked myself off the floor, packed a bag and left a marriage.  I was rejected and unwanted.  This day is a hard day for me, but as you can see in this picture, and if you know me, my heart, my current way of life, and who is part of my life, you would know that I’m doing BETTER than FANTASTIC.

I heard God for the very first time on this day and have been walking with Him ever since.  I healed from what was the worst time of my life by making goals for myself to be a better person to myself and others, to take care of my body spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally, to take adventures, to be fearless, and to figure out how to be the best wife for whoever I would marry again.

Today I am strong. Today I am much wiser. Today I see clearly. Today I love deeper. Today I never take for granted what I have.



Morning Goodbyes

img_2626My husband works hard. Our day always turns out for the best when we leave the house making sure everyone feels loved with positive affirmations, energy, hugs, kisses and love.

Not the Norm


He’s asleep and it’s only 5PM.  There is an abnormal peacefulness through the house.  My bubby is sick.