My Blended Family


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Three years ago today, my family was featured in the Huffington Post.  Please read!   I love my family,  we all come from different aspects of life, but our goal is to show our kids that life is about loving unconditionally.  My bonus son is awesome and I’m glad he has ALL of us. Some fun things to know about us is that all four of his parents graduated from KU.  My bonus son’s mom is a librarian and community leader.  His bonus dad is a scientist at a hospital and a pretty good artist when he has the time.  His dad is also a community leader working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. And then there’s myself, an artist and educator.  A lot of resources up in here.  I love watching our kids growing up together as brothers and sisters.

Gwenneth: light, pure, blessed, holy


Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!  Gwen came at a time when we were at a low. She was our comfort, our blessing, and the purest of all joy. She brought us back to life this day, a year ago.   She has been making us smile again, love more, activate our gifts, passions, and goals, and live life to the fullest each day.

My Transformation, My Goals


9 years ago today, I picked myself off the floor, packed a bag and left a marriage.  I was rejected and unwanted.  This day is a hard day for me, but as you can see in this picture, and if you know me, my heart, my current way of life, and who is part of my life, you would know that I’m doing BETTER than FANTASTIC.

I heard God for the very first time on this day and have been walking with Him ever since.  I healed from what was the worst time of my life by making goals for myself to be a better person to myself and others, to take care of my body spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally, to take adventures, to be fearless, and to figure out how to be the best wife for whoever I would marry again.

Today I am strong. Today I am much wiser. Today I see clearly. Today I love deeper. Today I never take for granted what I have.



Morning Goodbyes

img_2626My husband works hard. Our day always turns out for the best when we leave the house making sure everyone feels loved with positive affirmations, energy, hugs, kisses and love.

Not the Norm


He’s asleep and it’s only 5PM.  There is an abnormal peacefulness through the house.  My bubby is sick.