Painting THE Music

There are artists that paint to music, but I can actually paint THE music. I’ve been seeing colors and images of music since I was young. I just figured everyone else could too.  How did I figure out that this was not the case?  A few months ago I stumbled on a video,  Masterclass Pharrell Williams Maggie Rogers.  At 7:16 Pharrell and Maggie talk about seeing music.  They call this synesthesia.  Holy crap there are people like me that SEE music?!

This year I will blog and paint what I see in music.  While also chillin with my little peeps.  Send me your favorite instrumental piece or your favorite hip hop beat.  I’ll try to paint it.

Back in 2003, in my painting studio in undergrad, I painted the following piece but was shut down because I was told that anyone could paint to music.  But today I realize not everyone paints or sees music.  So I’m starting over.  I’m going to try again.  I plan to create a weekly piece.  I’m hoping the more I do, the more detailed I can become.  It will be a good learning experience.

Music by Jazzy Chun Earl. 2003. Oil on Canvas. 4×4 ft.

My most recent piece was inspired by “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers (the song you hopefully were able to hear from the shared link above).  The song inundates with layers, movement, color…images. Here is a glimpse of what I saw.  Songs don’t last forever so what I am learning is you paint small with materials that can create quickly  as you live and see in that very moment, or you replay the song continuously until you have finished your piece.  Similar to mastering a song.

Maggie Rogers’ Alaska: Painted by Jazzy Chun Earl.  12/31/16. watercolor. 4×6 in.