Mama’s Out of Town. What’s for Dinner???!!!

18156121_10211546131705543_5812658207797941587_oI’m taking a work trip to Chicago for a whole week by myself for the first time since I had my first child.  I’m a pretty disorganized cook.  Meaning, I don’t meal plan much and I am always hoping I have ingredients I need to make something to eat for dinner.  While I’m away, my family could eat out every day or use a microwave and warm up frozen dinners, but we try to eat healthy.

When I do plan for things, this is what happens….I make meal plans that resemble sub plans(I’m an art teacher)…

I did my best to create a system that fits our dietary needs that my husband could eaily use to feed the family and that they would actually eat.   It’s pretty basic. Our meals usually consist of a meat and a veggie.  Simple enough for my husband to cook.

First, I took a picture of each shelf and drawer in the fridge and freezer and then the different cabinets with our dry goods.  I used a word doc and put the photos in order from the top shelves/drawers to the bottom.  I usually put away the groceries, so I’m hoping this makes it easier for my husband to find all the ingredients.




After taking pictures of all of the food, I made a spread sheet with the location of each item and some dinner ideas that I know my husband can cook.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 9.17.44 PM

Hoping it works!



My Blended Family


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Three years ago today, my family was featured in the Huffington Post.  Please read!   I love my family,  we all come from different aspects of life, but our goal is to show our kids that life is about loving unconditionally.  My bonus son is awesome and I’m glad he has ALL of us. Some fun things to know about us is that all four of his parents graduated from KU.  My bonus son’s mom is a librarian and community leader.  His bonus dad is a scientist at a hospital and a pretty good artist when he has the time.  His dad is also a community leader working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. And then there’s myself, an artist and educator.  A lot of resources up in here.  I love watching our kids growing up together as brothers and sisters.

Not the Norm


He’s asleep and it’s only 5PM.  There is an abnormal peacefulness through the house.  My bubby is sick.